Parking Lot Paving

When it is time to choose between parking lot paving companies, Brasco is a reliable choice for quality work that keeps you on time and on budget.

It is our experienced crews and use of quality materials that allow us to deliver top-of-the-line asphalt surfaces on time every time. We are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and we help you make a great first impression.

Whether you need a new surface for an office or apartment complex, a strip mall or a large shopping center, the Brasco does it all.


Parking Lot Asphalt Repair

Weather and time can wreak havoc on paved surfaces. You want the face of your business to be inviting to all customers.

A parking lot in need of repair will show signs of problems that include:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Cracks
  • Faded parking lines
  • Pooling Water
  • Potholes

Parking Lot Asphalt Services

It is best to repair problem parking lot areas before they become a huge liability. We help you maintain a professional looking business with a variety of parking lot asphalt services.

Get back a professional looking parking lot with:

  • Parking lot grading for proper water drainage
  • Parking lot crack filling
  • Parking lot pothole repair
  • Parking lot seal coating
  • Parking lot milling
  • Parking lot striping
  • Parking lot line marking

No two parking lots are the same. That is why you need a company that takes accountability for your parking lot paving project. You’ll get this and quality workmanship from Brasco.

Asphalt Parking Lot Painting Services:

Get the best line design, striping and re-striping paving solutions.

When you need help planning the installation of new lines to maximize the space of your parking lot for a customer friendly experience, we can customize a plan that delivers what you need.

  • Line and wall painting
  • Restriping an existing lot
  • Handicap, Visitor and Reserved spot marking and lettering
  • No parking areas

Well striped asphalt parking lots allow optimal traffic flow, ease of parking and safety for pedestrians.

Parking Lot Paving Costs:

An overlay method is ideal for asphalt parking lots that meet the criteria for resurfacing. Simply put, this means laying asphalt over an existing parking lot surface. A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine the overall integrity of your existing surface. If the existing asphalt is structurally sound, resurfacing a parking lot is more cost-effective and time friendly than constructing a brand new surface.

Resurfacing Asphalt Parking Lots:

Parking lot paving costs vary dependent on several factors:

  • Accessibility of the job
  • Availability of raw materials and fuel costs
  • Milling
  • Extent of pre-paving repairs such as dents & cracking
  • Amount of leveling or drainage correction required
  • Time restrictions for completing the work

If you are looking for a professional parking lot presentation that functions optimally, it is worth your time to give the BRASCO a call.